With social distancing now the norm, many doctors are calling and videoconferencing with patients. Mobius Clinic has several features that make telehealth easier for physicians and their staff.

Telehealth requires new workflows

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently expanded telehealth benefits in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This and other measures are making it easier for healthcare providers to connect with patients virtually.

But as a physician, you’ve refined your in-office workflow through thousands of patient visits. Treating patients remotely requires new ways of communicating and documenting care.

Mobius Clinic is the revolutionary, office-proven app that eliminates up to 70% of the EMR work on every patient visit. For years physicians have been using Mobius to streamline clinical documentation, minimize computer time, and spend more time with patients. As you do your part responding to COVID-19, let Mobius Clinic make telehealth easier.

Mobius features that make telehealth easier

Mobius Clinic has dozens of time-saving functions, from premium speech-to-text medical dictation to EMR-integrated image capture. Here are three popular features of the Mobius Clinic app that can make telehealth easier.

1. Doximity Dialer Integration

Mobius partners with Doximity so that Mobius providers can quickly call patients on-the-go. Use this feature to call patients from your cell phone, while displaying your office number.

Follow these steps to set up Doximity Dialer through the Mobius app:

  • Set up your account with Doximity at https://www.doximity.com
  • After you register with Doximity, open Mobius Clinic, go to “Settings,” and choose “Advanced User Profile Settings”
  • Tap “Default Phone App” and choose “Doximity Dialer” from the selections

You can now call any patient from Mobius Clinic and it will automatically route through Doximity. This means your office line will populate on the receiving end, so you don’t have to sacrifice personal information for convenience.

2. Create Patient Case NotesUse Mobius Clinic to add patient case notes outside of a scheduled encounter

When a patient calls you outside of a scheduled visit, how should you document the encounter? Mobius makes it easy to add a patient case note directly from your mobile device.

To add a patient case note, open Mobius Clinic and search for the patient. Select their name and choose “Add Pt. Case” from the orange menu bar.

Save time by tapping the microphone icon to dictate your note. Everything you write is instantly saved in the patient’s chart.

3. Mobile Chart Access

With Mobius Clinic it’s easy to quickly document any patient visit from your smartphone or tablet. This comes in handy if your laptop or desktop screen is occupied with a telehealth session.

Rather than switching between windows as you talk with patients, simply review and add notes on your mobile device. Mobius makes it easy to:

  • See a quick summary of the patient’s last visit
  • Review and update the chart, including Allergies, Medications, Medical Problems, Vaccines, Family History, etc.
  • Add diagnoses including ICD codes
  • Create and send orders to your EMR
  • Access results, including lab documents, images, and insurance documents
  • Confirm and update patient contact info
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment in just a few seconds
  • Send secure literature to your patient about their conditions
  • Much more

Make telehealth easier

It takes time to learn any new workflow. And with the many challenges of responding to COVID-19, healthcare providers already have enough to worry about.

As you take more calls and videoconferences with your patients, let Mobius Clinic make telehealth easier. Get started by integrating Doximity Dialer, making patient case notes, and taking advantage of mobile chart access to streamline patient visits.

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