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Conveyor vs. Dragon: What’s the best medical dictation software?

Are you looking for a medical-grade speech-to-text software that allows you to easily dictate on any computer? While most physicians are familiar with Nuance’s Dragon Medical, it has its limitations. That’s why many clinicians are calling Mobius MD’s groundbreaking Conveyor app the best medical dictation software available.

Let’s take a look at what makes Conveyor stand out from classic dictation software like Dragon.

Mobius Conveyor

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 Conveyor has emerged from Mobius MD’s decade-long commitment to streamlining physician documentation

Conveyor is the next-generation dictation solution from Mobius MD, the medical workflow company behind Mobius Clinic. Mobius Clinic is an all-in-one ‘remote control for EMRs’ that streamlines clinical documentation, scheduling, and much more.

Conveyor breaks new ground as an app that instantly converts your smartphone into a universal dictation microphone for any computer. Doctors can simply plug in a thumb-sized USB and dictate directly into the EMR or any other application.

Is Conveyor the best medical dictation software?

Choosing speech-to-text software for clinical work is a big decision, and it’s important to research your options. There are four primary reasons doctors are choosing Conveyor.

1) Portability

If you always work at the same computer installing and updating software isn’t a hassle. But if you change computers and workstations often, you need portable software.

For residents on rotations or physicians working at a large hospital, Conveyor is a dream come true. You no longer need to worry whether the computer you’re using has the dictation software you’ve come to rely on. Simply plug in the Conveyor USB and start dictating on your smartphone. Your words appear on the desktop or laptop wherever you place the cursor.

2) Compatible with any device

Nuance discontinued it’s Dragon for Mac Medical software in 2018. That can be a serious problem if you’re a doctor who uses a Mac.

The good news is that Mobius Conveyor works on any device running any operating system. You can start your day dictating on a PC at work and end it dictating on your MacBook at home. All the while, you’ll have the same streamlined interface.

Most doctors work hard enough as it is to complete clinical notes before bedtime. If you prefer documenting with speech-to-text medical dictation, you need easy access to dictation anywhere. Conveyor provides that portability in a fully agnostic software that works seamlessly on any operating system.

3) Easy user interface

Physicians also love Conveyor’s seamless user interface. While Dragon Medical software feels a lot like working in an EMR, Conveyor is so intuitive you don’t need a manual.

Conveyor was designed by experienced developers with close input from physicians. The result is a user interface that feels like a popular consumer app but functions with the quality of a great clinical tool.

4) Fewer spelling corrections

The developers at Mobius have gone above and beyond to make sure Conveyor is the most accurate medical dictation software on the market. That means fewer spelling corrections, less editing, smoother dictation, and faster documentation.

As with Mobius MD’s popular Scribe software, Conveyor provides instant, accurate dictation that understands medical terminology out of the box. The software uses deep learning/neural net technology that adapts to your voice patterns, giving you the world’s most reliable speech-to-text medical dictation wherever you go.

Try medical dictation with Conveyor

After many months of beta testing, Conveyor was released to the public in January 2021. Try out Mobius Conveyor for free. See how easy and effortless the next generation of documentation can be.