What’s the best medical dictation software in 2021? If you’re looking for a truly unique solution that works on any computer, consider Mobius Conveyor.

Conveyor is the next-generation dictation solution from Mobius MD, the medical workflow company behind Mobius Clinic. For over a decade, Mobius has been working closely with doctors to innovate clinically-tested documentation solutions for the era of EMRs.

What is Mobius Conveyor?

Mobius Conveyor is a universally-compatible medical dictation system. It enables healthcare providers to securely dictate onto any computer, and any EMR, quickly, accurately, and securely.

So how does it work? The Mobius Conveyor platform consists of two components:

  1. An iOS application that runs on a provider’s mobile device (smartphone or tablet)
  2. companion software or hardware that transfers dictated text to a computer

The fastest way to dictate is using the Conveyor USB. Simply plug the USB device into any computer and start talking. The words you speak into your smartphone or tablet will appear on the computer wherever you place your cursor.

Providers without a Conveyor USB can use a free companion software that transfers dictated text onto any computer. Simply download Conveyor QR from our website, scan the QR code from your mobile device, and start dictating.

What makes Mobius Conveyor different?

Conveyor’s unique advantage is flexibility. No matter what your dictation workflow looks like, Conveyor can instantly transcribe your spoken words into any software on any computer. You can even record your dictation as a text memo for later transfer into a patient’s chart.

There are lots of reasons doctors are choosing Conveyor over other dictation systems. Let’s look at five features that set Conveyor apart.

1) Works on your Mac

Traditional medical dictation systems like Dragon Medical don’t work on Macs. If you’re a doctor who uses a Mac at home, this makes it hard to dictate if you’re away from the office. Mobius Conveyor works on any operating system, including Macs.

2) Supports all EMRs

Conveyor works in any EMR with no additional setup. If you switch hospitals and EMRs throughout the week, you won’t need to do anything differently. Conveyor will bring your custom vocabulary, trained voice recognition, and any macros or templates with you.

3) No IT setup required

Physicians love Conveyor’s seamless user interface, which reflects the fact that it was designed with close input from physicians. The result is a user interface that feels like a popular consumer app but functions with the quality of a clinical tool.

You won’t need IT support for setup. Think of Conveyor as your new medical keyboard – just plug it in and start dictating.

4) Unlimited Computers

There are no limits to how many computers you can use with Conveyor. Carry the Conveyor USB with you on a lanyard, plug it into any computer, and start dictating. It’s that simple.

5) Secure memos

What if you’re away from the computer but have a moment to dictate a clinical note? No problem – just use Conveyor’s built-in secure memos feature. Memos are encrypted keeping PHI private. Your dictation is now just a tap away when you’re ready to send it to the patient record.

Try medical dictation with Conveyor

Your clinical documentation workflow is highly personalized, and you’re the expert. Is Mobius Conveyor the best medical dictation software for your practice?

Find out with a free trial of Mobius Conveyor. See how easy and effortless the next generation of documentation can be.

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