Digital health

Telehealth during COVID-19: How to choose a platform

The coronavirus pandemic has made virtual care more important than ever. But as a physician new to video conferencing, how should you choose a telehealth platform during COVID-19? Let’s look at the recent changes to telehealth regulation and reimbursement that

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Health IT

Make telehealth easier with Mobius Clinic

With social distancing now the norm, many doctors are calling and videoconferencing with patients. Mobius Clinic has several features that make telehealth easier for physicians and their staff. Telehealth requires new workflows The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently

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Disease Resistance

Where did #FlattenTheCurve come from?

The flatten the curve gif was posted on March 8, and by the end of the week it had made over 4.5 million impressions on Twitter. But if you’re just catching up on the phenomenon, you might have some questions.

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