Is your medical office Wi-Fi fast enough?

With the growing use of mobile devices in healthcare, medical offices need fast wireless internet. But is your medical office Wi-Fi fast enough? Small practices are unlikely to have a dedicated IT staff person, leaving physicians or administrators in charge … Read More

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Can mHealth cure physician burnout?

Medscape’s Physician Compensation Report is widely known as the go-to source for salary information and other factors affecting US doctors’ income. But tucked among the statistics about which specialties feel fairly compensated, you’ll find numbers that also tell a story … Read More

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Digital health

How will 5G impact healthcare?

You’ve probably heard some buzz about 5G, the next generation of cellular network technology. But what exactly is 5G and how will it impact healthcare? 5G: the basics The G in 5g means it’s a new generation of wireless technology. … Read More

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Health IT

Top 5 Healthcare Technologies for 2021

Healthcare is changing fast, and as a practicing physician it’s important to keep up with the trends. Here’s a simple breakdown of the top 5 healthcare technologies that will find broader use in 2021. Top 5 Healthcare Technologies for 2021 … Read More

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